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Hype, season 1




Hype is a web series drama centering on a young man, Smiles, who is trying to buy the house back for his adolescent love, forced to move away by rising rent costs. When tech entrepreneur Ava English presents him an opportunity to fast-track the process, he agrees, getting mixed into the independent rap and startup worlds of Durham, NC along the way.

The five twenty minute episodes of season one were fundraised on Kickstarter and shot on location in Durham featuring an ensemble NC cast and crew. The series is currently fundraising to shoot season two in 2019.

Writer, Director / Holland Randolph Gallagher
Director of Photography / Bruce F. Cole
Executive Producer / Phonte Coleman Executive Producer / Brendan Bradley & The Jigsaw Ensemble


Season 1 Trailer



Willie Raysor as ‘Smiles’ Andie Morgenlander as ‘Ava’ Leroy Shingu as ‘Rakim Wilde

Dartez Wright as ‘Bulldoze’ Moriah Williams as ‘Lina’ Melvin Gray Jr. as ‘Cris

Zen Stewart as ‘Goldie’ Joshua Henderson as ‘Todd Austen’ Kevin ‘KAZE’ Thomas as ‘Ricky

Star Wingate-Bey as ‘Miranda’ Brendan Bradley ‘Entrepreneur’ Faith Jones as ‘Cynthia Lockheart




the Carolina Theatre, Durham NC

The Hype World Premiere at the historic Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina.

Photos by Kennedi Carter.

Radio Milwaukee, Milwauke WI

Presented by 88Nine. Panel with director Holland Gallagher & ‘Rakim Wilde’ actor Leroy Shingu moderated by Mag Rodriguez.



Hype Tour. Panel with Asheville filmmakers Joshua Overbay, Andie Morgenlander, Kira Bursky and Polly Schattel.


 To book a screening and Q&A with Hype creators and key cast email hypedurham@gmail.com





“The great prophet Flavor Flav told the world in 1988 not to believe the hype. Thirty years later, a series is upon us that may convince you otherwise.”

Yoh Phillips


“‘A lot of people talk the talk, but it’s very rare to find people in the business that actually have follow-through to get things done,’ Coleman said in an interview.”


“In Durham, as elsewhere, history moves in a circle that changes as it goes around. In 1988, the Carolina Theatre screened the world premiere of Bull Durham, a movie that put Durham on the national map. Thirty years later, the Carolina is hosting another premiere set and filmed in Durham that also serves as a marker of how much has changed.”


“Gallagher said he wrote the script to parallel the stories of real, local artists and to provide people with a representation of the growth that Durham is experiencing in its structure, culture and music.”


“Much of a new rap artist or startup’s success is due to the hype surrounding it, and thematically, this is what the show is about; how we maneuver our personal perceptions and realities.”


Selected as one of Kickstarter’s ‘Projects We Love’